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My wife and I are seeking a community to join somewhere in Europe.  We are Progressive Christians, same gender loving monogamous married couple with 2 dogs.  We both have a German heritage and we speak some German. We presently live in the US in Jacksonville, Florida.  We want to move to Europe and live in an intentional community where resources are shared and there is a shared vision of being salt and light.
Our career backgrounds include: education, Christian Ministry, entrepreneurial enterprises, culinary, health care, working with special needs adults and basic computer geek. We use alcohol occasionally. We are omnivorous. We are open to sharing resources but we want to maintain some private personal property. We have a strong work ethic and are longing for a place and people we can share our lives with where we can pool our resources and efforts to make a positive impact in our sphere of influence.
We love your videos and we have listened to many of your messages.  Do you know of any contacts, or organizations that could help us with this endeavor.

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